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Im Diego. Taurii Founder and project manager to  Nidrawaves Project.

im a certified healer and sound designer producer.

like have a new friends.

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My History.

Im born in Colombia south america, inside Pereira City, in 1982. wen i have 12 years are a technical of computers, a later. we i have 18 years i start to compose music, specially (dj parties) but wen have 20 years i have an travel to
Amazon jungle and know very oldest grandphater. who teach me some secrets to Jungle, include use special plants to stop Age !  yes im converted in shaman or (medicine men) certified for the wacoyo tribe and later i combine my past experiences and create a powerfull mindfulness meditations sessions.


Siempre estoy en búsqueda de nuevas oportunidades. Vamos a conectarnos.

Whatssap  +573113652491

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