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Renewing Life

We are a project of integral alchemy that promote well-being through the power of living foods.


We produce and focus on the use of probiotic ferments, for their ability to optimize our quality of life. By improving our digestion, these superfoods optimize mental and emotional chemistry.


The body is a whole system that requires integration from the physical to the etheric, through ancient methods and modern techniques to harmonize the being. ​


That is why at Luna Nueva we provide different holistic services, from healthy eating to the care of the body and the mind. Thus, helping people to optimize their global functioning.


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Sangre de la Tierra
(Earth`s Blood)

Beet and jamaica ferment, recommended to detoxify the liver, kidneys and blood.

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Ancestral ferment elaborated in an artisanal way with the delicate care that the scooby requires.

Class 1 Cardamom.


Class 2 Aloe vera & cardamom.


Class 3 Dates, cardamom & cacao.

sidrA de fuego redimensionado.png

Sidra. De Fuego
(Fire Cider)

It contains 17 natural antibiotics that serve to eliminate infections and strengthen the immune system.

shot digestivo redimensionado.png

Shot Digestivo
(Digestive Shot)

It is the vital liquid that emanates from sauerkraut - the king of probiotics -, recommended to detoxify the colon and intestines.

chukrut redimensionado.png


Fermentation of cabbage, mustard and a touch of spice. Recommended to detoxify and deflate the large intestine and regulate digestion to accompany meals. Delicious!

micro hikuredimensionado.png

Micro Hiku

Very good to accompany emotional processes with clarity and the awakening of consciousness.

micro pysilo redimensionado.png

Micro Psylo

Great for awakening the inner child for a better process of emotions.

cbd redimensionado.png


Excellent to reduce inflammation, relax the nervous system, sleep better and have a good day. ​


Also available in Cream, combined with specific herbs against inflammation and pain.

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