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Miguel Pretell

He is authorized by Nidrawaves for Guidance others into a cuantic meditations.

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Miguel Prettell

-Holistic Promoter-

Work in dj, sound healing & Orgonite Seller 

El Eterico

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He Sharing and sell desk orgonites and portable orgonites, he is a spiritual - Holistic promoter in music dj events.

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 he term orgonite refers to a mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin. It is thought that the various combinations resonate and can help to balance life energy/ prana/ chi. In addition, many people believe orgonite pyramids can be used to protect from EMF radiation from electronic devices and therefore keep one on their desks.

Orgone is a pseudo scientific concept about a form of energy also known as life force, Prana,  Ki, Chi or universal energy. This esoteric energy or universal life force was discovered in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich, a gifted and visionary scientist who fled from the Nazis to America. This is his story and what he did for the world.

How Does Orgonite Work?

Orgone creations such as Orgonite devices or generators are energy storehouses; they store universal energy. This energy nurtures your soul and clears all the negative energies around you. When your energy is low the recharging happens even faster. Dr Willhelm believed that orgone energies came from the purest expression of love such as orgasms which is where the word orgonite comes from. Although orgone energy was first discovered in the human body, Reich learned through observations and experiments that it exists in free form in the atmosphere. He discovered that Orgone energy fills all space which means it is present everywhere.

Most experts who use orgone pyramids, which are popular for creating EMF protection do believe it is necessary to cleanse an orgone pyramid.


They also suggest an ongoing practice of charging the orgone pyramids for the best ongoing results.

Should An Orgone Pyramid Be Cleansed?

An orgone pyramid should always be cleansed the first time it is acquired and introduced into a new space.

ad you can use our Nidrawaves Orgonite vibration to clean.

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