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With ASMR & 9D Audio. ( Bone Conduction Optimized)

gives you a better sleep

Reduces anxiety and depression


improve attention and concentration

Meditation makes the world a better place. It’s been scientifically proven. The more meditators in the world, the better for us all. 

We also love sound technology, specifically, we create audio based brainwave systems designed with advanced tecnology to help people quickly, safely, and easily enter a state of deep meditation.

if you're a meditation rookie or a life-long practitioner. Nidrawaves can take your practice to the next level.


Please use Closed Headphones!

Master Intro

Duration 05:30 min

In this master introduction we want to explain the basis of our meditations.

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New Arrivals

Alexa Colombo, Fr

“ I like the Nidrawaves meditations they are very deep and I can discover new layers every time I use them."

Gordon Miller, Us

"They are fabulous sound designs they help me a lot to expand my consciousness."