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Nidrawaves®: in constant innovation.  with our own independent testing, we have comprehensively examined a lot of binaural audio scientific studies to make sure that all of the latest advance have been incorporated into oour designs carefully.

The highest quality, most advanced mental sound design states are always available to you through Nidraraves.

With us you can learn the basics about binaural audio below:

First discovery. First discovered by Austrian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in the mid 20th century, the last two decades have seen an amazing amount of scientific interest in therapeutic binaural audio technology - with more than 3,000 studies conducted to date.

Gaining significant ground within the scientific community. Today, this simple yet highly effective technology is used to create an unending list of positive mental states: meditation, relaxation, sleep, focus, creativity, and much more. Many researchers, doctors, teachers, scientists, and countless other professionals have endorsed this powerful therapeutic tool, while personally taking advantage of the benefits.

How does binaural audio work? Put simply, when two precise, yet distinct sounds are introduced, one to each ear - the brain responds by producing low-frequency vibrations. The brainwave patterns then passively mimic the difference between the two tones, with the user’s state of consciousness following in-step.

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Example. If 200 Hz is played in your right ear, and 190 Hz to your left ear, the difference between these tones (10 Hz) will be experienced as a very relaxing alpha wave. After a few minutes, your state of consciousness will mirror this particular 10 Hz brainwave, entraining your neural rhythms via what scientists call “Frequency-Following-Response (FFR)”. The countless positive mental, emotional, and physical benefits of the alpha state then become instantly available to you - inevitably followed by profound results.

Note: The designs of Nidrawaves. incorporates ambiental ASMR and 9D audio technic. 

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Nidrawaves is designed with a feature that few other brainwave enterprice offers: deep  base frequencies.

These smooth, oscillating sine wave frequencies enhance your mind’s ability to relax into a quiet and peaceful meditative state.

By amplifying the brainwave synchronization effects, deep base frequencies allow you to achieve a far deeper level of meditation, quickly, safely and easily.

Only the most expensive brainwave entrainment products on the market offer deep base frequencies.

The healing properties of certain sound frequencies are showing incredible promise.

Perhaps one of the most incredible experiments on the healing power of sound comes from a Japanese doctor and bestselling author, Dr. Masuro Emoto.

In his groundbreaking book “Messages from Water” he outlined his experiments into how positive/ negative/ harmonic/ disharmonic sound vibrations affect the structure of water molecules in many surprising and amazing ways.

He found that after exposing water to certain sounds, words, and frequencies, either incomplete, malformed or beautiful, highly geometric crystals would form, as examined under the microscope in their respective Petri dish during the freezing process.

Dr. Emoto concluded that all sound is vibration, and positive vibrations and precise sounds can indeed be a form of healing energy. As water based beings, we humans are indeed impacted by this powerful phenomenon.

As the years and mounting evidence build, even the most hardened skeptics are opening up to the vast potential of the healing power of sound.

Armed with this  research, Nidrawaves include  multi-layers, to healthy frequencies known to science including: Solfeggio Frequencies, and much more). 



An amazing person, Dr. John Reid, has created the cymascope, a piece of hardware to see how sound is made visible through water.

John Stuart Reid is an acoustic engineer, scientist, and inventor with a fascination with sound and electronics dating back to early childhood. At the age of 15, he built a radio telescope with which he listened to the signals of the first satellites that orbited above his head and the noise of the stars.

Thanks to the cymascope it can be verified that the integrated electronic sound can be healthy

through soounnd design !

We have applied the incredible shamanic drumming science.

The Mental & Physical Benefits of Shamanic Sounds
Used for thousands of years, shamanic sound therapy is a time-tested method used to promote and maintain mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. In fact, scientists are becoming increasingly interested in these age-old rhythm healing techniques, with more and more academic studies verifying what our ancient ancestors have known through time.

Research has demonstrated the benefits of drum therapy for its ability to speed up physical healing, releasing of emotional issues, boosting the immune system, creating a deep sense of well-being, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and allowing deep relaxation.

Chamanic Drums.jpeg
Marilyne Cuenco.jpg

Did you know that a properly designed binaural beat program can give you access to a mountain of mental, physical, & psychological benefits?

It's true. Your brain has nerve cells that fire electrical signals and oscillate in distinctive arrangements called brainwave patterns. These patterns are closely connected to your thoughts, emotions, moods, biological chemistry, everything you do, and really, everything you are.

Binaural beat therapy has the ability to beneficially change your brainwave patterns, your state of mind, and therefore, your whole quality of life.

Are All Binaural Beat Programs Considered Equal?
Best Binaural Beats For Meditation
No. Not all binaural beat programs are the same (not even close!). The prices & quality range dramatically.

In fact, binaural beats are not even considered to be the very best brainwave audio training method available today!

Binaural Beats Must Be Combined With Other Methods For Maximum Benefit
Best Binaural Beats For Meditation
Are you talking about "Isochronic Tones" & "Monaural Beats"?
These are but two more methods of brainwave training, which also happen to be built into Nidrawaves®. However, the technology has evolved considerably since these training modes were discovered years ago.

How Is Nidrawaves® Different?

Best advanced and actualized   Binaural Beats For Meditation
In addition to the standard Binaural beats, Isochronic tones, & Monaural beats, we have developed our own pure brainwave audio  design.  

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