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This is a complete meditation guided in English, with 1Hour 10 minutes of 320k high quality Mp3 audio, produced with 3D Binaural, ASMR, ambisonic and 8D audio technology.

- The guidance is based on Yoga Nidra techniques to bring your whole body and mind into a deep relaxation. Find out more about the practice and its benefits by clicking here!


In bonus, it include:

Ancestral flutes melody

Chakra Balance meditation

(these are part of the 1hr10 track, following the Yoga Nidra guidance)


- It is recommended to use the headphones in the correct left/right position, and adjust the volume to your need. 50% of the volume is recommended.


-These meditations are not intended to replace your medical doctor or psychologist, they are a complementary aid for daily wellbeing and the recovery of physical, psychoemotional and mental challenges.



NW Complete English

  • This sound design is in 320k mp3 high quality format (169MB) and include 4 meditation themes:

    - Yoga Nidra Guided NidraWaves

    - Chakra Balance

    - Ancestral Flutes

    - Hang Drum melodic meditation

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